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To take care  of your Piano

  • Tune your piano once a year
  • Ask a technician-tuner to check the mechanism of your piano
  • Put your piano at least 3 feet from hot or cold source
  • Keep a constant temperature of 20 degrees celcius and 50% humidity
  • Let professional piano movers do the transportation of your piano
  • IMPORTANT *** IMPORTANT When you look for a piano, let a technician-tuner evaluate the piano you want to buy


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Tuner & Piano Technician

More than 35 years in the pianos :

I provide the service of tuning and piano repair  for any upright and grand pianos.

Restoration, inspection and evaluation of pianos are acquaintances of mine.

I work in the areas of Montreal, Laurentides and Gatineau.

You can contact me by phone (faster). Or use E-mail or text messaging.



Services : Upright Piano& Grand Piano


  • Tuning
  • Repair
  • Mechanical adjustment
  • Restoration
  • Estimation of repair
  • Interior cleaning
  • Evaluation for selling
  • Tips for buying a piano
  • Tips for celling a piano
  • Tips for piano location in the house
  • Tips to storage the piano
  • References for piano movers



Piano brands


  • Abel
  • Baldwin
  • Bell
  • Bôsendorfer
  • Boston
  • Brechstein
  • Cable Nelson
  • Steinway
  • Essex
  • Fazioli
  • Georges Steck
  • Grotrian
  • Heinzman
  • Hobart M. Cable
  • Ivers & Pond
  • Kawai


  • L.E.N. Pratte
  • Lindsey
  • Pearl River
  • Perzina
  • Petrof
  • Pleyel
  • Ritmuller
  • Samick
  • Schimmel
  • Sohmer
  • Steigerman
  • Story and Clark
  • Weber
  • Willis
  • Wurlitzer
  • Yamaha
  • Young Chang